My tips while I'm fasting :)

First of all I need to drink A LOT of water. Water is really important because everytime I get hungry, I drink a big glass and hunger just stops. Every now and then I buy 1-2 big bottles (5 litros each bottle) of mineral water (NEVER fizzy). I have a glass and one bottle in my room, so I don't have the need to go to the kitchen to get water and don't get tempted to eat something else :)
Also I keep my mind kinda busy: I order my room more than normal, clean house, wash clothes, etc. Doing that I don't get hungry and I feel time going by quicker!
Ah, I forgot to say this: while I do those things, I'm listening to inspiring songs.. NOT emo/sad ones. Songs that reminds me why I'm fasting, why I have to and why I CAN do it :)


Anonymous said...

heeu, qe lindo blog :) [aunqe las partes en ingles como que ..] jjaj no capto bien , espero leer mas de vos, te sigo !

Snowbunny said...

Holitas! gracias por seguirme y por alagar mi blog :) te explico: lo que escribí en ese post son las cosas que hago para que no me de apetito mientras hago ayuno. Son cosas como tomar mucha agua, mantener mi mente ocupada haciendo cosas en la casa o simplemente escucho canciones alegres que me inspiren y mantengan en mí un buen estado de ánimo :) Cuidate, besitos!


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